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DA701B  I can watch Freeview TV in perfect quality where I live and still enjoy the analogue TV at the caravan site where the Freeview signal is not so good. The built-in battery offers freedom to take the TV anywhere I want, so I won't miss the nice sunshine and fresh air in the garden. My husband loves it too and we plan to take it with us when we have holiday in Spain.

Sarah Smith  20 April 2007


DA110BD  I bought it for my son to use in his HGV wagon. He tells me that it is a great success even without a dedicated aerial. At home it is also excellent. We thought it would be better having a larger screen but the 11" is fine, especially in a confined lorry cab. The DVD plays fine. All in all seems pretty good value all around.

J Bickerton  2 Feb 2008


DA920A  A brilliant product - what more can I say. This portable TV is exactly what I wanted. I can now make my cards and cross stitch whilst watching my favorite programs up in the study. I had to buy more efficient TV antennae and now get all available stations on Freeview. The quality of the picture is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

June Curtin  11 July 2007


DA700B  I found the sleep and wake up function very useful, I like falling asleep while watching TV. It can also be set up to turn on automatically or pop out a message to remind me the show I want to watch on a different channel. The interactive teletext service is very useful as well; easily catch up with the latest news in the world, sports, or what will be on.

Becky G  26 Sep 2008


DA110CD  Excellent item, I bought this primarily to use in my camper van. It is just a nice size and fits perfectly on the side wall. The screen and colour are really good. The DVD works perfectly, even the TV reception is good but you do need a good quality aerial to receive a reasonable picture and of course need to be in a good reception area.

R A Lampert  16 Aug 2008


DVB201  Hassle free Freeview viewing. Easy to set up and good reception, as stated by other users, by using the external connection to the aerial, rather than the tiny one supplied. Cannot really fault the item in any way; Remote worked from over 7m length. Great item! Definitely recommend it!

D Kalianidis  10 July 2008


PD712A  We bought this DVD player to keep our Ben entertained on long journeys in the car, and we are very pleased with it. The picture quality is brilliant, so does the sound, but better sound quality when using the earphone jack. The multi region feature plays discs we brought back from States and it plays DVIX format and recorded discs. The built-in TV function is a good extra to have which means Ben can watch his program and we can watch ours on the big TV.

V Rothwell  30 Sep 2008


Our Commitments

August International is a UK based company leading the supply of innovative Freeview-enabled portable televisions, DVD players, media players, digital photo frames and computer TV receivers to trade and business partners in the UK and Europe.

Our specialist knowledge and strong manufacturing capability gives us a leading edge in this rapidly evolving technology. We are committed to supplying products with the most advanced Features, in the highest Quality, at the most competitive Prices and with first class after-sales customer Service.




Our Products


Our products are designed and manufactured with high quality parts and modules incorporating key consumer features to enable our customers to watch and listen to the increasing number of TV and radio channels on a range of portable devices with clearer pictures and a greater freedom.

We also endeavour to use energy saving and green materials in our products.


Our products have won awards from leading magazines already including Top Three Small Screen TV from Channel 4 and awards from What Hi-Fi and Active Home magazines.


Our Customers

Our products are used by a wide range of customers who are looking for products they can use on the move away from conventional power and reception sources at different ages and with various occupations from kids and pensioners, lorry drivers to boat owners and business travellers to soldiers serving overseas.

We have also supplied our portable digital TVs to a number of prestigious organizations including the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), UK's premier league football clubs Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


Aston Villa

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